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Printed Canvas Handbags

Though the popularity of tote bags has witnessed ups and downs in the past, Canvas totes are definitely in vogue now. These fashion staples come with stylish handles that can be easily loped over the shoulders and their wide opening is usually unfastened. These vegan bags may or may not come with different sections and can be used for so…

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Corporate Fashionista ?

Laptop, Phone, notepad, Scarf, Perfume, Water bottle, Nail Polish, mascara, Wallet, keys, hair brush, sanitizer, wet wipes, essentials. Nope, This isn’t a shopping list, infact this is what is inside a typical corporate ladies handbag. And for all you know, there could be more stuff in it. The effort to organize what is inside and the comfort to carry a…

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A table for three- You, Me and my bag

In today’s world, modern fashion accessories have made a paradigm shift to a more dynamic position in the fashion world. The stereotype image of a bag as a mere accessory that matches your outfit does not exist anymore, infact they’ve established their new place as a necessity with more functional elements from a usability and style perspective.  No wonder why…

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Travel Sling with Cotton Mellon

Travel Sling with Cotton Mellon

Sling bags have been around forever. They are the most versatile accessory you could have in your closet and their utility is unmatched compared to any other kind of bag. “Sling” for bags is a common vernacular, they also go by “fanny” bags and even “bum bags”. What makes a Sling bag unique is its versatility and shape. It is…

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