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Traveling through various cities of India, US, UK and other parts of the world for work, Gaurav Sethi, the business consultant was always inquisitive about fashion, latest trends and stepping into designer stores was almost a ritual during weekends.

On every travel, shopping for wallets or bags became a regular phenomenon. While the designer leather bags were impressive yet the process of creating them always left an afterthought.

In mid of 2020, Gaurav thought of setting up a luxury brand to create classy, quintessential products that are made with ease and love.

There were roadblocks, but there was light at the end of the tunnel too and **Cotton Mellon was born. He started this journey with a vision to introduce bags made out of *Vegan Leather.

He designed the tree symbol inspired by “Bombax Ceiba Tree”, commonly known as “Cotton Tree”. The tree represents success, growth due to its multipurpose eco-friendly uses along with its commercial importance. The word “Mellon” with an extra ‘L’ symbolizes sweetness. Together it denotes ‘Success is Sweet’ or ‘Sweet Success’.

Our product line is diverse, contemporary yet fashionable. Our vision is to create a happy and joyful experience through our products and services.

*Synthetic/Vegan leather is typically made by impregnating non-woven textiles with polyurethane to bond the material and give it the mechanical properties and feel (hand) similar to real leather.


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