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A table for three- You, Me and my bag

In today’s world, modern fashion accessories have made a paradigm shift to a more dynamic position in the fashion world. The stereotype image of a bag as a mere accessory that matches your outfit does not exist anymore, infact they’ve established their new place as a necessity with more functional elements from a usability and style perspective.  No wonder why they are referred to ‘Pandora box’.

One such highly adored and trendy bag is a tote bag- a staple piece of any bag collection due to its low-maintenance and practicality. This multi-faceted accessory can be used in numerous ways whether Office, or while shopping, beach carry bag, picnic bag, slumber party suitcase, laundry bag, or gym bag. These leather handbags can also be used as office bags. Due to its spaciousness, simple, practical and multifunctional characteristics, it is must-have for all the bag enthusiasts.

Whether you want to grab a few things from a supermarket or you’re jetting off to a spontaneous adventure, traveling for a planned day-trip, or merely running errands, it’s always comfortable to carry a standard tote bag around. Given its beautiful silhouette, multiple pockets and compartments made of durable materials tote bags are an ideal choice to haul our entire lives effortlessly on our shoulders. So, sit back and relax while we tell you ten undeniably functional, cool and super practical reasons as to why you need to hop on the trend wagon and get one for yourself.

1)     Your Perfect ‘On-The-Go’ Bag

Say goodbyes to all the chaos that churns up whenever you’re packing and heading out to travel. With enough space, comfort and style quotient, they’ are your best travel partners. They can be used to store a variety of different essentials- lotions, books, sunscreen, eye masks, scrunchies or night creams, just toss it all in!

2)     The ‘College-Life’

Are you a college-going student? And you have loads of stuff to carry? Your laptop, notebooks, Phone, make up stuff, Scale, Stationery, Wallet, Scarf, you name it, everything fits in.

3)     The Shopper

Do you need to run to the supermarket to get groceries? or have guests visiting when your house is messier than the kitchen of a restaurant during rush hours? Rest easy soldier, tote bags are here to be your savior. Hoard all your groceries, unorganized clutter and clothes from last season in the tote bag and forget all your worries.

4)     The Affordable Trendsetter

Want to be an Instagram influencer but are on a budget? Fret not, tote bags are to your rescue. Along with being the most comfortable, stylish bag it is also very affordable and easy on the pocket.

5)     The Aesthetic Eye Candy

Summers are calling and so is the sun. Imagine sunbathing during the summer time on the lush green grass or lazing around on a beach in your cute little summer fits without worrying about getting sunburnt. When you own a tote bag, this is not a distant reality. Carry one simple tote and it will be the perfect storehouse of your ‘babes-day-out’ necessities! Hot-Girl-Summer much?

6)     The Environment-Friendly Fanatic’s Dream

Tote bags, apart from being versatile, functional and comfy, are super eco-friendly. They are highly reusable, low maintenance, can last several washes, can be easily carried, folded and stored and are degradable. Due to all these properties and sustainability on the rise, totes are back in the trend.

7)     Slumber Party Essential

Planning a night-stay at a friend’s house? Need a simple yet spacious bag to carry all your party supplies? The tote bag is your ultimate answer. It is the designated travel pack for the night that houses all your skincare, chargers, night wear, laundry and toiletries.

8)     The Gym Bro

Motivated to use your gym subscription but trouble finding a suitable carry bag? Not to worry we got your back. A tote bag is a quick, sturdy, elegant yet athletic option. Don’t fret over running to your gym or yoga class anymore.

9)     The Durable Dynamite

The main popularity criterion for tote bags might just have to do how durable and long-lasting they are. If taken proper care, they can last as long as years and still look cute and new-like. Adding to its advantages is its capability of being re-usable, multi-purpose, and sustainable.

10) The Comfortable Laptop Bag

Do you also not like to carry your laptop to your schools/offices in those old dusty laptop bags? If your answer is positive, we might have a solution for you. Tote bags can really help you flaunt your style in your workplace and give a personal touch to your workspace. Apart from being stylish, convenient and durable, it is also capable of comfortably carrying all the laptop accessories.

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