Cotton Mellon 3 Layered Comfort Face Mask for Women (Combo) – Crème + Dark Blue Polka Dot print


  • Item Type -Womens Face Mask
  • 20 cms X 12 cms
  • Outer Layer – Cotton Fabric
  • Middle Layer – Non Woven Fabric
  • Inner Layer touching Face – Cotton Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Adjusters
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Comfort face masks are made of Cotton + Non Woven layers with soft elastic and adjusters.


  • Use of soaps, liquids, chemicals, detergents, disinfectants or antiseptics to clean or wash
  • Share or borrow used masks
  • Staple or stitch torn masks
  • Write on surface of masks
  • Use when wet or soggy
  • Use in places with poor ventilation or deficiency of oxygen or in an explosive atmosphere